Textured Treasures

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pictures of recent design

This is a design I've called Thuluth Prayer. It's based on a calligraphic piece from the 1500's with a simple prayer towards God that reads: Yakad yumasikuhu 'irfan rahatihi rukn al-hatim / The grasping of God (al-hatim) brings the knowledge of His comfort.

I designed this for Hannah's nanny, Lyla - she's holding the completed piece to give you an idea of the final size. It took me nearly 4 months of stitching, 2 or so hours every night. Completely in cross stitch on Zweigart aida with DMC fibres. Tonight I will try to take some photos of the Alphabet sampler as it currently is - finished size should be apx 2 feet high, preframe.


I'm back!!

OK - a gap of nearly 4 years between blog posts, this can't be a good sign. However, now that I'm in job transition, I have been told that I have to network, and that an appropriate part of networking is maintaining a blog. Well, I don't have a private blog, and I started this one a while ago (have I mentioned that it has been nearly four years?) and thought I'd take this opportunity to update it.

I have been designing over the past four years, but not nearly as prolifically as I did in the past. You see, I've added two more children to the family unit, Hannah and Sabine and they're keeping me happily busy. That being said, I did release a couple of new designs in 2007 and I'll post the images after I've done writing for the day. I also just recently completed a design in antique Persian script for Hannah's nanny - it was a Christmas gift. I'm not sure if I'll release it - you tell me, if you're interested, send me a quick note. If I get two or more responses (can you tell I don't really have high expectations?) I may even just post the chart here some how.

Currently I'm working on an alphabet sampler - it was supposed to be for Hannah's room, but it's been nearly 2 years and I'm just on R - so maybe for Sabine. It's on canvas using a tonne of fibres, but it's so much fun. If I get around to publishing it, the chart alone will be a great reference for stitches - will have to be a coil bound book instead of our standard saddle stitching.

That's all for now, this post has been soundtracked by Moby's 18 CD, particularly the track 'We Are All Made of Stars'.